Empowering AI Evolution with Decentralized Processing Power and Intuitive Libraries

Technical Architecture & Technical Implementation

Off-chain Server

NBT operates an off-chain server that hosts the built-in library of tools and frameworks for AI model training. This server provides users with access to a wide range of resources, including software packages, datasets, and pre-trained models, without the need to download or install anything locally.

User Registration

Users create accounts and deposit NeuralByte tokens into their wallets.

Resource Selection

Users browse available GPU and TPU resources, selecting configurations that suit their requirements.

Rental Agreement

Smart contracts manage the rental agreements, specifying terms such as duration, price, and resource utilization.

Resource Provisioning

Upon agreement confirmation, the chosen resources are provisioned to the user, ready for AI model training.

Built-in Library

The server hosts a comprehensive library of AI frameworks, tools, and datasets, accessible to users for seamless model development and training.


Benefits of NeuralByte

NeuralByte: Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Transform the Future!


By eliminating the need for expensive GPU and TPU hardware, NeuralByte Token significantly reduces the cost barriers associated with AI model training.


NeuralByte optimizes resource allocation and utilization, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of AI model training processes.


With a built-in library on the server, NeuralByte Token streamlines the AI model development and training workflow, providing users with the tools they need for success.


NeuralByte democratizes access to high-performance compute resources, making AI model training accessible to users and developers worldwide.

What is NeuralByte?

NeuralByte introduces a groundbreaking solution leveraging Ethereum blockchain technology to revolutionize AI processing. By introducing a novel token system, NeuralByte overcomes the limitations of traditional GPU and TPU processing, offering users and developers an easier, more affordable, and efficient means of accessing high-performance computing resources. This whitepaper outlines the technical specifications, tokenomics, and implementation strategy of NeuralByte, including its unique features such as built-in libraries and competitive pricing models.

What are the key features of NeuralByte?

NeuralByte offers a range of key features designed to optimize AI workloads and empower users, including:

NeuralByte Token leverages market dynamics to maintain competitive pricing for computational resources.

Users benefit from transparent pricing models and cost-effective solutions, optimizing their resource allocation strategies.

Providers are incentivized to offer competitive rates and high-quality services, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

What's the tokenomics of NeuralByte?

Total Supply : 10.000.000 ( 10M ) Tax Buy and Sell : 4% (Buy and Sell)
Breakdown: 2% Marketing Strategy 1% Product Development 1% Buyback & Liquidity


Frequently Asked Questions about NeuralByte

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